It's not just you -- lately it seems like everyone is talking about the power of LinkedIn to grow your network and business in 2024. Companies are paying thousands of dollars every month to build make the most of this platform.

Just one example: the CEO of a major credit card company is currently paying $15,000 per month for an agency to write his LinkedIn posts every week. This is no longer a wishlist item or 'let's hire a freelancer fresh outta college' type of work.

Companies are investing heavily in making connections on this platform because they're seeing how one great connection can turn into thousands and even millions of dollars in revenue for their company. Needless to say, the ROI is proving to be worth every penny.

But what does this mean for social impact leaders?

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with more than 1 billion members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and continues to grow at alarming rates.

For social impact leaders, this creates an enormous amount of opportunity to position yourself and your organization as leading experts in your industry.

The tricky thing is, most of the advice out there about growing your LinkedIn presence is directed at B2B sales and marketing gurus. And let's be real, $15,000/month is probably outside of your budget as a social impact organization...

But that doesn't mean you can't see enormous growth and engagement here. It just requires a unique strategy and a bit of creativity to get top results with a smaller budget.

Social impact leaders need a unique strategy because they have unique goals -- leveraging their thought leadership and executive presence for greater good.

Current Client Results
Current Client LinkedIn Results

Here are 7 reasons why social impact leaders are thriving on LinkedIn right now:

  1. Enhanced Visibility and Influence: LinkedIn provides a platform for leaders to amplify their voice and influence. By sharing insights, achievements, and the impacts of your organization's work, you can raise awareness and inspire action on critical issues.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Building a robust LinkedIn profile can help leaders connect with other professionals, potential donors, volunteers, and collaborators. These connections can lead to new opportunities for partnerships and funding.
  3. Thought Leadership: LinkedIn is an ideal platform for establishing yourself as a thought leader in a specific field. By posting articles, sharing updates, and participating in discussions, leaders can showcase their expertise and insights, influencing others in the sector.
  4. Recruitment and Talent Attraction: A strong personal brand on LinkedIn can attract top talent to an organization. Leaders who actively engage on the platform can showcase their organization's culture and values, making it more appealing to potential employees and increasing retention among current employees.
  5. Advocacy and Campaigning: Social impact leaders can use LinkedIn to advocate for their causes by sharing success stories, data-driven results, and calls to action, which can engage a high-net-worth professional audience that might be instrumental in driving change.
  6. Fundraising: LinkedIn allows leaders to connect with potential donors and partners. A well-maintained profile with regular updates about an organization’s impact can build credibility and trust, encouraging financial support.
  7. Staying Informed: By connecting with other leaders and organizations, social impact leaders can stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and innovative solutions that can be applied to their own work.

For social impact leaders, LinkedIn is SO much more than a tool for hiring. It's a strategic platform for driving your mission forward, building credibility, and creating a broader impact in your industry.

CEO Hope for Justice
Example of a CEO using LinkedIn to provide a major update and fundraise.

If you're not building a presence here yet, what's holding you back?

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